Must to know OSRS F2P money-making techniques

Published by RuneDeal on February 02, 2021 Must to know OSRS F2P money-making techniques

When it comes to F2P OSRS money-making, players would only do it for the sake of buying a membership OSRS Bond without paying real money for it.

That's because playing OSRS in any F2P world is very strict, and you won't experience 90% of the real content. You won't be able to buy a top armor or weapon, not to mention the PVE content that is very limited.

So you can also apply this to F2P money-making; there is no other point in making money in the F2P worlds unless you will buy a Bond.

Generally, making money in OSRS is probably the essential thing in the game as you can only get better by spending OSRS gold. But as we mentioned earlier, the only useful thing you would aim for in the F2P OSRS worlds is to buy a membership and upgrade to the P2P worlds.

F2P OSRS money making methods are many, but almost 80% of them are useless and not worthy; you are merely going to waste your time if you choose them.

But in this guide, we will show you the best money making OSRS F2P methods to shorten your way to your first membership bond ever. The methods will include an OSRS combat money making method, although very few OSRS combat money making methods in the F2P worlds.

This guide's requirements are meager to medium, so it is available for everyone in essence. Some of the methods may require a small amount of money, to begin with, so we recommend following the ones requiring no money until you obtain some OSRS gold to follow the others.

And of course, the harder the method is (in terms of gold required or levels), the better the profits are.

Picking Wine of Zamorak

Picking Wine of Zamorak
Picking Wine of Zamorak
  • Gold/Hr: 220~250K
  • Required Gold: 30~40K
  • Difficulty: Low

Collecting Wine of Zamorak at the Chaos Temple (located north of Falador) is probably the best F2P OSRS money-making way. Following this method will shorten your grinding time to your OSRS Bond as it has a very high Gold/Hr ratio if you do it in the right way.

Although this money-making method is a very profitable one, it requires medium requirements to follow.

Those requirements include having a decent amount of OSRS gold to buy certain items from the Grand Exchange (will be mentioned below) and some medium-level skills such as Level 37 Magic to be able to use the Telekinetic Grab spell, etc.

The requirements are:

  • 500 total levels
  • Wizard's Mind Bomb
  • Law and Water runes, as well as the staff of air
  • Any good food
  • Medium Hitpoints level (above level 20)
  • At least Level 37 Magic
  • Zamorak robe top and bottom

Inside the Chaos Temple, you will find two floors; the first floor contains several unaggressive Monks and one Wine of Zamorak, the second floor includes another Wine of Zamorak as well as unaggressive Monks.

However, the second floor cannot be accessed unless you have at least 500 total levels.

To pick any of the two Wine of Zamorak, you will have to cast a Telekinetic Grab spell, requiring having level 37 in Magic.

Using a Telekinetic Grab on the first floor's Wine of Zamorak will make all the Monks inside become aggressive, and your stats, including your Magic level, will be decreased every time the Monks attack you.

And that's why you will need to bring Wizard's Mind Bomb and Food to restore your Magic level as well as your Hitpoints.

Restoring the Magic level is essential (if the Magic level gets reduced below level 37), so you can cast Telekinetic Grab once again. 

Once the Monks attack you, head to the second floor using the ladder which is located near the door.

Ladder in Chaos Temple
Ladder in Chaos Temple

Upstairs, you will have to cast another Telekinetic Grab on the second Wine of Zamorak, but this time the Monks won't attack you as long as you are wearing the Zamorak robe top and bottom.

Wine of Zamorak
Wine of Zamorak

Note: it is advised to repeat clicking on the ladder until you are successfully upstairs because the Monk's attack may cancel your action, and you will take more damage.

After that, head downstairs to repeat the process, and keep in mind that the Wine of Zamorak respawns every 20 seconds so that you might hob to another world for a faster Gold per Hour ratio.

It is also advised to stay in an empty world, so you don't get bothered by other players since it is very known for making money.

The required runes and staff of air mentioned earlier are used for the Telekinetic Grab spell and Falador teleport. 

So, once your inventory is full, teleport back to Falador, store your inventory, walk back to the Chaos Temple, repeat the process.

One Wine of Zamorak currently can be sold for 1.2K Gold, so you can get up to 250K Gold per Hour depending on how efficient your process is.

Getting 250K Gold per Hour is probably the highest profit you can get using such a F2P money making method requiring low to medium requirements.

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OSRS Flipping Items

Flipping Items
Flipping Items in OSRS 
  • Gold/Hr: Depends
  • Required Gold: At least 100K
  • Difficulty: Very Low

One of the best money making OSRS methods is Flipping Items at the Grand Exchange. Some people label it under the AFK money making methods since you barely spend time on it.

This method is efficient in both F2P and P2P worlds but much more efficient in the P2P worlds since you can find more items to Flip, and your Grand Exchange slots are much more.

It requires no combat or any contact with the monsters; you are standing near the Grand Exchange the whole time. So, we can call it one of the OSRS low-level money making methods.

Flipping's best thing is that you don't need any high requirements, such as having a decent level in a particular skill, character combat level, or total levels. 

This method aims to buy specific items with a stable price margin from the Grand Exchange for the lowest price possible and then resell it for a bit higher price, and thus you make a decent profit.

Anyone in the game can do it, but its risk level is high as you may fail at Flipping a particular item. 

In the F2P Worlds, you are allowed to use 3 Grand Exchange Slots only; thus, you are limited to Flipping 3 items simultaneously.

OSRS Grand Exchange Slots
OSRS Grand Exchange Slots

To avoid Flipping failure, you must pay attention to the market prices and target the item with a reasonable price margin. You can make it easier by using the GE-tracker API to watch the prices and some useful graphs.

The best items to Flip in the F2P worlds are the Runes, and that's because you can do it in amounts using only one Grand Exchange slot, in addition to how their price margin is pretty much always stable.

How to know the price margin

To know the price margin of a particular item, you will have to buy it for 5% the higher price (recommended for cheap items only) and then sell it back for 5% lower. After doing that, you will figure out the price margin since you are now aware of the lowest price possible and how much you can make(the highest price possible) if you Flip this item.

For example, you can buy 1K of Fire Rune for 4 Gold coins each, sell them back for 5~6 Gold coins, and make 1K~2K profits in no time without any effort.

Note: some items take a long time to be sold, so be patient and leave the item for one day if needed.

The worst thing about Flipping is the amount of money required to start doing it. However, you can start doing it in tiny amounts until you reach the point where you can afford to do it in high quantities.

It is recommended to follow any other F2P OSRS money making methods, such as picking Wine or Zamorak until you earn a decent OSRS gold for Flipping.

Picking Cowhides

Picking Cowhides
Picking Cowhides
  • Gold/Hr: 35K
  • Required Gold: None
  • Difficulty: Very Low

Picking Cowhide is the only actual F2P OSRS combat money making method in this guide. This method is suitable for making money in the F2P worlds and is very useful to train your low-level account, so starting with it even from level 3 is a very good idea.

This method consists of killing cows located northeast of Lumbridge and picking their Cowhides. 

OldSchool RuneScape Cowhide
OldSchool RuneScape Cowhide

This method's requirements are almost none, but having any weapon and being able to click the mouse. You may bring some decent food if your Hitpoint level is shallow.

The northeast of Lumbridge spot may be very populated, but many players there ignore the Cowhides, so you might pick their Cowhides and make even easier money.

The Cows will always drop a Cowhide each, which means your profit is always guaranteed, and it only depends on how fast you kill them.

After having a full inventory of Cowhides, head back to Lumbridge to bank your inventory and repeat the process.

Each Cowhide can be sold for around 120 Gold Coins, which is somewhat decent for a low-level F2P character to begin with.

This method requires no money to utilize, just the regular food and weapon you may have.

Tanning Cowhides

You can actually make extra profit and increase your Gold per Hour ratio to 55K~60K by tanning the Cowhides you pick into Soft Leathers.

This can be done at Al Kharid Tannery, and it requires one gold coin for each Cowhide to be turned into a Soft Leather. Each Soft Leather can currently be sold for 175 Gold coins.

Al Kharid Tannery
Al Kharid Tannery

You can instead turn the Cowhides into Hard Leathers, which in my opinion is much more profitable, but it depends on how much money you have since it requires 3 Gold coins each to be tanned into a Hard Leather.

Sometimes, the Soft Leather is more expensive and thus more profitable, so pay attention to the market prices before doing anything.

So how to do this efficiently is by killing as many Cows as possible, pick their Cowhides, make amounts of them and store them in your Lumbridge back.

Head east to the Al Kharid Gate, pay the fees (10 Gold coins) to the guards to open it unless you have completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest, making it free to open the gate.

Go to the Al Kharid bank and take 27 Cowhides and any amount of Gold coins enough for tanning 27 Cowhides into Hard Leathers.

After that, head to the north to the Al Kharid Tannery, where you will find Ellis, right-click Ellis, and choose a trade. Doing that will open a menu of Leathers and their prices/requirements to obtain.

Tanning Cowhide
Tanning Cowhide

To make it a fast process, you will have to right-click the Hard Leather and Tan them all at once. It would be best if you then headed back to the Al Kharid bank to store the Hard Leather and repeat the whole process, starting from the Al Kharid bank until you run out of your Cowhides.

Although Hard Leathers can be sold for a higher price, Soft Leather is still a good option for impatient players as it can be sold immediately, unlike Hard Leathers, which can take up to 12 hours or more to be sold.


You should always use the best method according to your account situation. Whether you need money to invest in the best F2P money making OSRS, which require reasonable amounts of money, such as Flipping, or you already have the required money and wanna invest in the better methods.

Either way, your main aim in the F2P world is to obtain the membership Bond as fast as possible.