Complete OSRS Fletching Guide

Published by RuneDeal on February 10, 2021 Complete OSRS Fletching Guide

In OSRS, players will find a mixture of rigid to train skills ( in terms of time and mechanism) and very easy-to-train skills. Whether they are F2P or P2P skills, both of them will consist of the same mixture.

Fletching OSRS is one of these pretty easy to train P2P skills (probably the fastest) in OSRS, and you can easily reach level 99 in a few days. But with that being said, Fletching training OSRS requires a lot of OSRS gold. So without that amount of gold, you probably won't feel how easy it is to train Fletching.

There are cheap Fletching training methods, but we highly recommend using the quick ones, even if that means you will spend a lot of OSRS gold. That is because once you reach a high Fletching level (90+), you will be able to make some good money by training Fletching.

The importance of training Fletching

Training your Fletching to a high level is an excellent plan to start making some money in OSRS. It is mainly used to create the Ranged weapons and their various ammunition. But mostly, creating ammunition is the thing that should make some OSRS gold, and it is also the best way to train Fletching at the high levels.

Some players prefer using Fletching to create specific items that can be used to train Magic through High Alchemy or aka 'Alching.' 

So that means you can train your Fletching through creating these items and then use these items to train your Magic later. But keep in mind this is one of the cheap and slow ways to train your Fletching; thus, we do not recommend it in this Fletching Guide OSRS.

In this OSRS Fletching guide, we will introduce the best and the most efficient ways to get your Fletching to level 99. This means the cheap Fletching training OSRS methods will not focus on (only some early-level methods will be affordable) during the following OSRS Fletching guide.

Keep in mind you will still need a lot of OSRS gold to follow this guide.

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How to train Fletching OSRS

Fletching is the process of combining two pieces of specific materials (depending on the needed item) into one item; this item can be a Ranged weapon or ammunition.

Fletching OSRS Example
Fletching OSRS Example

Once you have the required two materials to create the needed item, you click on one of them and then on the other. Some items will automatically be created in amounts, and others will be created one by one.

Fletching OSRS Example (2)
Fletching OSRS Example (2)

Note that what makes Fletching so expensive to train is the number of materials you buy to create the ammunition. Also, what makes it so fast to train is creating items in amounts and automatically.

Usually, players tend to do this process while training another OSRS skill, and that is just because the whole Fletching process doesn't take time. But is not recommended for beginners to not confuse yourself with the number of clicks you need to make.

Fletching training OSRS is not that AFK process; it requires attention and many clicks, so some players may find it exhausting, although it is pretty quick and easy compared to other skills.

Fletching Guide OSRS

The guide below is meant to be very efficient and very expensive (excluding the early levels). Follow it to reach level 99 as fast as possible, and then you can start making money to cover the cost and maybe even before level 99.

Note: Try to make your clicks more accurate to shorten the process, as click accuracy is probably the most important thing to training Fletching

Level 1 to 25

Creating Headless Arrows

  • Materials needed: Arrow Shafts & Feathers.
  • Arrow Shafts required: 7,842
  • Feathers required: 7,842
  • EXP per Headless Arrow: 1
  • EXP needed to level 25: 7,842
  • EXP Ratio: 35,000/Hour
    Headless Arrows
    Headless Arrows

The early Fletching levels are not expensive and pretty fast to achieve. From level 1 to 25, you will create Headless Arrows and are made in amounts (15 by 15). Each Headless Arrow requires one Arrow Shaft and one Feather. 

The maximum 'automatic' creation is 10; thus, you can create 150 Headless Arrows by clicking three times only. The process is so easy and should take no time; you are pretty much gaining 150 Fletching EXP in 11 seconds.

Note: you can make some little money by selling the Headless Arrows back.

Level 25 to 35

Creating Oak Longbows

  • Materials needed: Oak Longbows (u) & Bow Strings.
  • Oak Longbows (u) required: 583
  • Bow Strings required: 583
  • EXP per Oak Longbow: 25
  • EXP needed to level 35: 14,575
  • EXP Ratio: 52,000/Hour
OSRS Oak Longbow
OSRS Oak Longbow

This method is also not expensive, but you will be losing money, unlike creating Headless Arrows. From level 25 to 35, you will be making Oak Longbows; each Oak Longbow requires 1 Oak Longbow (u) and 1 Bow String.

Creating one Oak Longbow gives 25 Fletching EXP, and you will be able to develop Oak Longbows one by one. But you are also limited to your inventory slots since creating Oak Longbows is unlike creating ammunition, where the materials and the ammunition are stackable.

That means you will be able to automatically create 14 Oak Longbows (28 inventory slots / 2) in a row, thus 350 Fletching EXP per one inventory (16.8 seconds).

Level 35 to 37

Creating Willow Shortbows

  • Materials needed: Willow Shortbows (u) & Bow Strings.
  • Willow Shortbows (u) required: 153
  • Bow Strings required: 153
  • EXP per Willow Shortbows: 33.2
  • EXP needed to level 37: 5,080
  • EXP Ratio: 95,000/Hour
OSRS Willow Shortbow
OSRS Willow Shortbow

Creating Willow Shortbows from level 35 until level 37 instead of continuing to develop Oak Longbows is faster, but you can still make Oak Longbows until level 37 if Fletching if you want.

We recommend creating Willow Longbows instead because we aim to train Fletching as fast as possible; also, you won't lose as much money as making Willow Longbows.

Keep in mind this method is also considered cheap compared to the high-level training methods.

Each Willow Shortbow gives 33.2 Fletching EXP, and it requires one Willow Shortbow (u) and one Bow String. 

Just like the Oak Longbows, creating Willow Shortbows is done one by one (automatically), which means you can make 14 Willow Shortbows per one inventory (16.8 seconds)—making 14 Willow Shortbows will earn you 464.8 Fletching XP.

Level 37 to 52

Creating Steel Darts

  • Materials needed: Steel Dart Tips & Feathers.
  • Steel Dart Tips required: 12,825
  • Feathers required: 12,825
  • EXP per Steel Dart: 7.5
  • EXP needed to level 52: 96,187
  • EXP Ratio: 625,000/Hour
OSRS Steel Darts
OSRS Steel Darts

Unlike any other method mentioned before, creating Steel Darts is more exhausting. Creating one Steel Dart requires one Steel Dart tip and one Feather, but actually, they are made in amounts (10 by 10). Creating 10 Steel Darts is done in basically a part of a second but cannot be done automatically.

That means you will have to repeat the process after each 10 Steel Darts, making this method so exhausting but still very efficient and fast. It is not an AFK process but a high-speed training method (the EXP ratio is high).

Each Steel Dart gives 7.5 Fletching XP; thus, 75 XP is gained for every two clicks. It would be best if you kept creating Steel Darts until level 52 Fletching.

There is also a crucial thing to point out: the Steel Dart Tips buy limit. You will be able to buy 13,000 Steel Dart Tips per 4 hours, making the EXP Ratio limited to 97,500 EXP. 

But this can be solved by using multiple accounts to buy the required materials from the Grand Exchange, which is highly recommended.

Creating Steel Dart Tips won't earn you any profits and is an expensive training method; however, it is a high-speed training method.

Level 52 to 67

Creating Mithril Darts

  • Materials needed: Mithril Dart Tips & Feathers.
  • Mithril Dart Tips required: 37,884
  • Feathers required: 37,884
  • EXP per Mithril Dart: 11.2
  • EXP needed to level 67: 424,301
  • EXP Ratio: 940,000/Hour
OSRS Mithril Darts
OSRS Mithril Darts

Starting from level 52, you will unlock the ability to create Mithril Darts, a costly and high-speed training method. Each Mithril Dart requires one Mithril Dart Tip and one Feather.

Creating one Mithril Dart gives you 11.2 EXP, but just like the Steel Darts, they are created in amounts (10 by 10), which results in 112 EXP per 2 clicks.

A total of 37,884 Mithril Darts are required from level 52 all the way to level 67, but you are also limited to the Mithril Dart Tips buy limit, which is 20,000 Dart Tips per 4 hours.

As mentioned earlier, the buy limit problem can be solved by creating many accounts to buy the Dart Tips from the Grand Exchange instead of waiting for 4 Hours.

If you choose to wait for the buy limit to reset, that will make the maximum Fletching EXP you can gain per 4 hours is 224,000.

Level 67 to 81

Creating Adamant Darts

  • Materials needed: Adamant Dart Tips & Feathers.
  • Adamant Dart Tips required: 109,658
  • Feathers required: 109,658
  • EXP per Adamant Dart: 15
  • EXP needed to level 81: 1,644,870
  • EXP Ratio: 1,200,000/Hour
OSRS Adamant Darts
OSRS Adamant Darts

At level 67, you will create Adamant Darts, and you should keep making them until level 81. 

Like creating the other Darts mentioned before, you will be able to develop the Adamant Darts 10 by 10, with each 10 giving you 150 Fletching EXP.

Each Adamant Dart requires an Adamant Dart Tip and a Feather. The Adamant Dart Tips buy limit is 20,000 making your EXP gained is limited to 300,000 if you choose to wait for the buy limit to reset

This method is the starting point for the costly Fletching training methods, so be ready to spend some serious amount of money.

Level 81 to 95

Creating Rune Darts

  • Materials needed: Rune Darts Tips & Feathers.
  • Rune Dart Tips required: 349,933
  • Feathers required: 349,933
  • EXP per Rune Dart: 18.8
  • EXP needed to level 95: 6,578,741
  • EXP Ratio: 1,500,000/Hour
OSRS Rune Darts
OSRS Rune Darts

Creating Rune Darts is considered a costly Fletching training way, but you pay for Fletching EXP. That means you will cover all the costs later; thus, you should focus only on training quickly.

Although we highly recommend creating Rune Darts until level 95, you can still make Adamant Darts if you feel like it is much better considering the money you have got.

Creating Adamant Darts is considered the cheapest training method for the high Fletching levels, so use it to 99 if you wish.

To create one Rune Dart, you will need one Rune Dart Tip and one Feather to gain 18.8 Fletching EXP.

Rune Dart Tips buy limit is 11,000, which will limit you to 206,800 Fletching EXP per 4 hours if you don't use multiple accounts.

Level 95 to 99

Creating Dragon Darts

  • Materials needed: Dragon Darts Tips & Feathers.
  • Dragon Dart Tips required: 170,515
  • Feathers required: 170,515
  • EXP per Dragon Dart: 25
  • EXP needed to level 95: 4,262,875
  • EXP Ratio: 2,000,000/Hour
Dragon Dart
Dragon Dart

From level 95, you can start creating Dragon Darts with each Dart requiring one Dragon Dart Tip and one Feather. Creating one Dragon Dart will give you 25 Fletching EXP, thus 250 EXP for every two clicks you make.

Creating Dragon Darts is considered an excellent method and much faster and cheaper than creating Rune or Adamant Darts, but sadly you cannot make them before level 95 Fletching.

The Dragon Dart Tips' buy limit is 11,000, which is 275,000 Fletching EXP per 4 hours.

We highly recommend this method to max out your Fletching instead of Adamant Darts (if you chose to go with Adamant Darts until 99) as it is barely more expensive and gives a much better EXP ratio.

Making Money

There are many Fletching money making methods at the high levels you can use. One of them is creating Magic Longbows, which can be done starting from level 85. 

But it would be best if you also kept in mind that you will need a decent amount of money to use such a method.

Note: pay attention to the buy limit of the materials you need for each money making method, which in essence means you better mix your strategies for the sake of efficiency.


When it comes to Fletching, you should only consider training quickly regardless of the cost. Your aim should be making money once you are at a high level.