The Best OSRS Construction Guide

Published by RuneDeal on February 09, 2021 The Best OSRS Construction Guide

In OSRS, some P2P skills require having the fortune to train them to the max level. One of these skills is Construction, which may require up to 300M Gold to max it out.

This is why people prioritize making OSRS gold; they want to max out these specific expensive skills.

That also doesn't mean you cannot train it with a low budget, but the results are not that great in terms of time. The time wasted using these shallow budget methods is better invested in making money that can be used to train Construction OSRS quickly.

Training Construction Benefits

Although it is expensive to reach level 99 of Construction skill, training Construction in OSRS has vast benefits, making it worth enough to spend so much money on the whole process.

Construction allows you to have your own house and build various things, including some decorations. By training your Construction to certain levels, you can unlock some useful rooms to make helpful furniture inside each.

Each room has a different type of furniture, and each piece of furniture can give you some abilities like teleporting to various places without using or having a specific teleport method in your inventory.

While other furniture like the Ornate Rejuvenation Pool (which we may consider the most functional furniture in the game) will restore all of your stats by just clicking on it, making it actually so overpowered.

You can also build your altar and make prayer training much more comfortable, or you can host other players and make money.

So in this OSRS Construction guide, we will introduce how to train your Construction skill in the most efficient way, which still requires a lot of money.

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How to train Construction OSRS

To follow this Construction guide OSRS, you need to know certain things in addition to other steps you should make as well.

Training Construction is straightforward; you need a Saw, a Hammer, and some Planks (depending on the furniture). But before beginning with building your furniture, you need to own a house.

Note: You may also need some Nails, depending on the furniture you build.

You can own a house by going to the Estate Agent in Varrock, where you can pay 1K Gold for a home. Choosing the house's location is up to you, but note that you can always change its place later.

Estate Agent in Varrock
Estate Agent in Varrock

You can get to your own house by using a Tablet which teleports you to your own home. 

To build anything inside your house, you need to switch to the Building Mode through your settings. You can also change the teleportation position to be inside your home instead of being in front of the house portal.

Change the teleportation position
Change the teleportation position

The first thing you need to do inside your house is to build a room. Each room requires a certain construction level and a specific amount of OldSchool RuneScape gold to be made. Just right-click the door and choose "Build door hotspot."

Build door hotspot
Build door hotspot
Room Creation Menu
Room Creation Menu

The furniture you can build inside each room is visible as a grayed out model where you can right-click it and choose 'Build' to view its requirements.

grayed out model

Hiring a Servant

We also highly recommend having a Servant in your house to make the process go much faster.

A Servant will bring Planks from your bank as long as you have them in there and pay the required money for the Servant. Note that the Servant's Maximum number of items can bring from your bank is 26 (depends on the Servant Type).

You can hire a Servant starting from level 20, but we recommend having it at level 40 as you can employ a much better Servant at that level.

There are five types of Servants, and each has a specific capacity, speed, and cost. The Servant you can own at level 40 Construction is better than the one at level 50 in cost per hour. But if this is not an issue, then having the level 50 Servant will be better.

Hiring a Servant can be done by going to the Servant House in East Ardougne, the square's northern side. But first, you need to have two Bedrooms with a bed inside each of them in your own house to be able to Hire the Servant.

Servant House in East Ardougne
Servant House in East Ardougne

Construction Guide OSRS (1~99)

After following what we have explained above, prepare your inventory with the basics (Saw & Hammer), buy the following requirements for each method, and bank the rest of the Planks you have purchased (if needed).

Level 1 to 4

Building Crude Wooden Chairs

  • Planks needed: 10 (Regular)
  • Nails needed: more than 30
  • EXP/Furniture: 58

Crude Wooden Chairs are the best thing you can start with for the first 4 Construction levels. To build them, you need to have a Parlour room which requires 1K Gold.

Each Crude wooden Chair gives 58 Construction EXP, and it requires two regular Planks and 2 Nails of any kind.

Level 4 to 9

Building Wooden Bookcases

  • Planks needed: 28 (Regular)
  • Nails needed: more than 50
  • EXP/Furniture: 115

The early Construction levels are pretty straightforward, so that you will build Wooden Bookcases instead of Crude Wooden Chairs using the same materials. The Wooden Bookcase is also made inside the Parlour room.

You will need 4 Planks and 4 Nails for each Wooden Bookcase you build, so that's double the Crude Wooden Chair's requirements.

Level 9 to 16 (22)

Building Wooden Larders

  • Planks needed until Lv16: 64 (Regular)
  • Planks needed until Lv22: 168 (Regular)
  • Nails needed: more than 220
  • EXP/Furniture: 228

From level 9 to 16, you can start building Wooden Larders, but we highly recommend doing it until 22. That's because if you start building Crafting Table 1 at level 16 up to 22, this will cost you extra money for just 22 other Construction EXP.

The Wooden Larders are built inside the Kitchen, which can be created for 5K OSRS Gold. Each Larder will cost you 8 Planks and 8 Nails.

But if you think an extra of 22 Construction EXP is worth it, then you can start building Crafting Table 1 at level 16. 

Building a Crafting Table 1 will give you 240 EXP each and requires 4 Oak Planks, meaning that you will need 48 Oak Planks to reach level 22. It is built inside the Workshop, which requires 10K Gold to be made.

Level 22 to 31 (33)

Building Oak Dining Tables

  • Planks needed until Lv31: 156 Oak
  • Planks needed until Lv33: 216 Oak
  • Nails needed: none
  • EXP/Furniture: 240

For this method, we won't be using Regular Planks (nor Nails) anymore, as the Oak Dining Tables require Oak Planks instead. The Oak Dining Table is built inside the Dining Room, which costs 10K coins to be built. 

Each Oak Dining Table requires 4 Oak Planks and no Nails at all. Building one table will earn you 240 Construction XP.

It would be best if you kept building Oak Dining Tables until level 31, but we also recommend doing it until level 33. Some players may choose to make Carved Oak Tables instead from level 31 to 33, but this will cost you more for 120 extra EXP. 

The EXP difference is significant, but you only need two levels, so we think saving the money and spending a little more time is a better choice.

Each Carved Oak Table requires 6 Oak Planks, and it is built inside the Dining Room as well.

Level 33 to 52

Building Oak Larders

  • Planks needed: 1,760 Oak.
  • Nails needed: none
  • EXP/Furniture: 480

From level 33, you can start building Oak Larders, which require 8 Oak Planks for each to be built, and the Kitchen is the place where you can make them.

Starting from this method, the training will be more expensive as the furniture you build will require more Planks. The Oak Larders give a good Construction EXP, but each Larder almost cost 4K Gold.

Although you may think this is very expensive, it is considered a cheap method to reach level 99 if you wish to keep building them.

It is not a bad idea if you are limited to a specific budget, so keep building them to level 99.

To keep building Oak Larders until level 99 Construction, you will need a total of 216,944k Oak Planks, which cost around 106M Gold.

Level 52 to 99

Building Mahogany Tables

  • Planks needed: 92,220 Mahogany.
  • Nails needed: none
  • EXP/Furniture: 840

If you chose to stop building Oak Larders at level 52, you need to Build Mahogany Tables until level 99. Building a Mahogany Table requires 6 Mahogany Planks, and it is built inside the Dining Room.

Each Mahogany Table will earn you 840 Construction EXP, a very high EXP rate

But it would be best if you kept in mind that the Mahogany Planks are so expensive, and building each will cost you almost 14K Gold. Following this method, in general, requires having around 210M Gold, so do not follow and make Oak Larders instead if you are not rich enough.

Although it is considered the most expensive way to train Construction, we recommend doing it as it is the fastest way to 99.

Level 66 to 74 (Alternative Cheap Method)

Building Teak Garden Bench

  • Planks needed: 6,672 Teak.
  • Nails needed: none
  • EXP/Furniture: 540

You can keep building Oak Larders until level 66 and then switch to building Teak Garden Benches, which will be a better choice in terms of EXP. Also, the Teak Planks cost is cheaper than the Mahogany Planks (compared to the Mahogany Tables method).

Building Teak Garden Benches require 6 Teak Planks each, and it is built inside the Superior garden, which costs 75K Gold to be made.

In general, this method is balanced enough to be a cheap alternative method to the Mahogany Tables, so you can keep building Teak Garden Benches until level 99 if you want.

The required Teak Planks until level 99 is around 139,314, which costs about 115M Gold, which is 95M cheaper.

But that also means the EXP rates are much lower than the Mahogany Tables, so it is much better to keep building Teak Garden Benches until level 74 and then switch to the Mahogany Tables until 99. 

By doing that, you will spend much less money and a better Construction EXP compared to Building Oak Larders only or Teak Garden Benches only.


Training Construction OSRS is expensive either way, so if you spend money on it, you better do it the most efficient way, aka the Mahogany Tables.

But if you have no other choice and can't earn the required money for it, then use any alternative method mentioned in this Construction guide OSRS.

And if you think it is not worth training Construction skill at all, then you better start thinking about its benefits. By just using some of the furniture you can build at high Construction levels, you can easily make any money-making method easier. 

By making a specific money-making method much more comfortable, you can easily make double the money you have spent on the whole process of training your Construction to 99, not to mention the other benefits.

Overall, the efficiency of training Construction is highly dependent on you as it requires fast and correct clicks, and it is very exhausting compared to training some of the other OSRS Skills. 

So you better do it efficiently (by being accurate and not wasting time on miss clicks or going to the bank by yourself instead of the Servant) since you will spend the same amount of money anyway.